ONEHOPE is a wine I came across some years back and absolutely fell in love with. I haven't come across a bottle I did not love. Each different type of wine, be that: cabernet, sparkling brut, pinot noir, chardonnay etc, is affiliated with a different cause. My favorite is their pinot noir, which 15% of the proceeds from this bottle go to help fund pet adoptions. This wine is truly something that I believe in and that is why I have become a viaONEHOPE C.E.O. (Cause Entrepreneur.) I want to share this amazing product with all of my friends and family. Through me you can not only purchase the wine but I can help you host a tasting party with all of your friends and family and 30% of proceeds will go to a charity of your choosing. I will also provide cupcakes that pair with each wine as well as a cabernet cupcake recipe that everyone can take home with them. Help me in making this world a better place and buy wine that gives. 

Click on the link to my onehope website to get started.