SSSHHHHAAAAARK!!!!! Are you all enjoying Shark Week as much as my family is? More than 2 million people enjoy the annual drama that is Shark Week each year and in my household we have dedicated this entire week to shark activities. We started the kickoff to Shark Week with a shark sensory bath for our little one. We dyed the water blue and added toy sharks that I bought off amazon, as well as some blue floating balls and a toy bath boat. Needless to say this was a hit and a great way to start off our Shark Week. The next day I printed off a few coloring templates of sharks for our boy to color, which he loved every second of and you can also print off here. The following day I surprised him with a fun shark board book called Shark Bite, which we read to him every night the rest of the week. Next we had bought this totally awesome remote control swimming shark balloon. I think my husband and I had more fun with this one than our little guy. You can find the shark balloon on amazon. Last night we sat down as a family and watched Shark Tale after dinner. To finalize our Shark Week we are making these adorable shark cupcakes from Cupcakes and Cashmere to eat while enjoying the final days of this annual summer family tradition.

I don’t think people understand just how essential sharks are to our oceans and to our planet. Sharks have survived 400 million years and they could be gone in the next 40. Sharks are often classified as being scary and aggressive. However, you’re more likely to get killed by a coconut or a vending machine than a shark, and there are 440 known species, all with their own unique behaviors. Did you know that we kill more than 50 million sharks each year as by-catch in our tuna and other commercial fishing industries? In the absence of sharks, entire ecosystems will collapse. We cannot let this happen and I ask you all to please do your part especially this week in helping save these extraordinary creatures.

·      Start by checking your cosmetics and vitamins for shark oil, shark cartilage, and non-vegetable squalene.

·      Next cut back on your seafood intake, especially tuna and shark meat.

·      Lastly ask FedEX to stop shipping shark fins by clicking on this link

There is no Shark Week without sharks. Please help to save them.