Oscar Night

oscar night Its Oscar night and every year my in-laws invite everyone over for a big party to watch the awards show. We print out a sheet for each person with the nominations so that you can make your guess at who is going to win each category. My brother-in-law is a huge film buff and beats us all every year. Half the time I’ve only ever seen a couple of the movies up for an Oscar but he tries to make it to the theaters to see every movie in time for the awards show so that he can give his best opinion. Aside from the CMA awards (I’m a big country fan), the Oscars are really the only other awards show I like to watch and it’s extra special that we make a yearly family event out of it. This will be our little ones second Oscar party and every year he has made a point to look the part in his black tie. If you will be watching the Oscars tonight I suggest you make these fancy black tie strawberries to indulge in while you view all the actors and actresses in their fancy black tie. I have made these strawberries on many occasions. I first learned how to make them in pastry school and since then have made them for bridal showers (the strawberry is the groom), amongst many other events and they are always a big hit.

tuxedo strawberries To make these strawberries you need a dark dipping chocolate as well as a white chocolate. I like to use Wilton’s dipping chocolate but if you are really fancy, you can temper your own coverture chocolate. First wash and dry the strawberries. Then dip each strawberry fully into the white chocolate and let dry. Next dip each strawberry at an angle on either side to make the tux jacket. Let each strawberry completely dry. Cut and make a few parchment bags. Fill a parchment bag with melted chocolate and snip a tiny hole at the end of the bag. Make a bow and a few buttons and voilà , you have a tuxedo strawberry fit to attend your oscar party.