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valentines heart pic Happy Valentine's Day to you all! This is one of my utmost favorite holidays and it's not just because it's a day to celebrate love, that should be everyday, but it's one of the best baking days of the year! From confections to pastries to share with your loved ones or just to consume yourself, it truly is one of the best holidays when it comes to being a baker. I will never forget when I worked at the casino bakery and Sunday brunch was our time to shine and show the world what we were capable of. Our chef let us have free reign, and my last Sunday before leaving the bakery was Valentine's Day brunch and it was my absolute favorite brunch I had partaken in and the best way to go out from this job. It also helps that my favorite color is pink and Valentine's is of course filled with lots of pink and red. Last Valentine's Day, my husband and I only had our son for just over a month long. I had thrown a big sip and see Valentine's Day party for all of our friends and family to come over and meet our new addition. Unfortunately my husband had to leave half way though the party and work, when he had returned he seemed to have forgotten all about V-Day even though he had been hyping it up all week. I don't really blame him though, becoming a new parent and working hard tends to jumble your mind and you often forget. To make it up to me this year he is taking me to one of my favorite places just the two of us for a fun romantic get away. I'm truly such a lucky girl to have such an amazing man that loves me and spoils me. To all of you with a significant other I hope they spoil you just as much as my hubby spoils me and to those without a significant other, go out and spoil yourself and remember how loved you are in this life even if it's not by a partner, there are plenty of people who love you including me! I fell in love with these Valentine's Day macarons from Sugar and Cloth her video tutorial are as follows and you can find the recipe for these from Veras Cookbook! Make them for the gluten free someone you love! Enjoy everyone and happy Valentine's Day! <3

valentines macarons