He's One!!

IMG_0278 This has truly been an exciting day but an emotional one at that.There is no greater moment in life than that of becoming a parent and this time last year I experienced that moment and I have been reminiscing of that special time all day long. I will never forget the wave of emotions that washed over me the second I heard his cry. We had gone through such a rough battle and to finally bring this beautiful boy into the world was absolutely incredible. It has truly been the greatest year of our lives. This child has taught us patience, strength, caring, and the meaning of unconditional love. He has brought so much joy into our lives and we are so great full that the universe chose us to be his parents!

Today we threw a proper first birthday bash for our little man. We invited all of our closest family and friends of course and the turnout was astounding to say the least. It is so amazing the love and support that we have from the beautiful people that surround us in our lives. The theme was a football theme relaying to the fact that the playoffs were on today. For dessert (because dessert should always be first) I made gluten free chocolate cupcakes, popcorn boxes, and football chocolate covered strawberries. I made a small smash cake for our little one to go crazy with, but he ended up eating the cake instead of smashing it (I guess he likes mommy's baking). For lunch we had a chili bar equipped with hot dogs, fries, and baked potatoes for our guests to choose to put their chili on, as well as different yummy topping such as: cheese, sour cream, onions, and corn chips. This was super easy to do and the feedback from my guests made me think it was a success. The planning that commenced for this party made me think I was throwing more of a wedding than a birthday but overall it was an incredible day and one we will remember forever. Pictures of our party and the desserts I prepared are following. My advice to parents is to soak up every second of your little ones first year and those that follow. Time definitely flies by way to fast especially when you are having so much fun. If you have any questions on how I made anything please feel free to ask.

Happy first birthday little bug! We love you so much!