Pack Pride Cupcakes

wolf pack cupcakesToday I end one of my college summer courses. I am working to finish my Business Management degree at the University of Nevada Reno. I am coming to an end of my college career, which at my age is a really good thing. I am much to old to still be a student. As I reflect on my time at the university it brings me such joy. I truly grew up as a person while attending school at UNR. I have made so many lifelong friends. It saddens me to say goodbye to this chapter of my life. I have loved the school spirit and the gorgeous campus. The class that is ending was one of my favorites that I have taken thus far in my major. I have enjoyed this class tremendously and wish all classes were like this one.

 My professor had asked me jokingly to bring in one of my baked goods for everyone to try. Today being the last day, I had decided to follow through with his request and bring in some yummy gluten free cupcakes. I wanted to bring out my wolf pack pride and theme the cupcakes based on my soon to be alma mater. To make these cupcakes, use your favorite gluten free vanilla cupcake recipe. I topped the cupcake with Wilton butter cream frosting. The décor was made out of Wilton white and blue fondant and I sprayed the base with silver Wilton food coloring spray. I cut out different sized circles with circle cookie cutters and coated the blue fondant portion with blue disco dust sparkles. These are a simple cupcake design and I hope my classmates like them. Let me know if you have any questions or comments. Enjoy and GO PACK!!

wolf pack cupcakes 2