Fantasizing About Football

I know I may be getting a little ahead of my self, but I am so excited for football season to begin. My husband and I are huge football fans and we love watching games together. I tend to get a little more vocal then he does, but I am a very competitive person and don’t like to lose. We play fantasy football with all of our friends and the last few years I have made it pretty far. I think it surprises most men of my knowledge for the sport. In high school, I was captain of the dance team and we performed at every football game, at home and away. After being forced to watch the game, I feel in love. I would watch football every Sunday with my dad; It was such a special time for us and a great memory that we share. When I met my husband he was pleasantly happy how much I loved the sport not to mention we have a love for the same team.

In honor of the first preseason game airing tonight and my favorite team playing, I wanted to share this easy idea for football cupcakes that I found on The Baker Chick. For theses cupcakes you would want to use your favorite gluten free chocolate cupcake recipe and chocolate frosting. Using a star tip, zigzag across the cupcakes surface. For the laces use a small round tip and pipe over the top of the chocolate frosting with a white frosting. These are simple and a great cupcake for the entire football season. Invite your friends over for a Sunday Funday of watching football and share these yummy cupcakes. Let me know your thoughts and if you have any questions on the technique used. Enjoy and GO NINERS!! Photo Credit

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