Throwback Thursday: Sunflower Wedding Cake

This Thursday we are throwing back to my favorite wedding cake that I have made yet. Wedding cakes really freak me out because of the pressure to perform well. What if the bride doesn’t like your cake? It could ruin their whole wedding day and would make me feel horrible. This bride is one of my best friends. We had talked about her cake for quite a while. She had showed me a picture on Pinterest of a specific cake she had in mind. She had wanted a small two tiered cake just to cut into and for her guests we purchased Costco sheet cakes that we had cut up and served at their reception. This is a great idea for brides especially on a tight budget. Big cakes can get costly and this was perfect for her, as she had close to two hundred guests who had attended her wedding. blog post throwback thursdayI threw her and her fiancé at the time a cake tasting party with all of our friends in our home, so they could help her decide which cake flavor was the absolute best for her special day. We had decided on a lemon cake with Wilton butter cream frosting. I covered the cake in Wilton white fondant. Covering a cake with fondant always makes me nervous because if you mess up then you have to start all over with all new fondant, which can get pretty expensive. I hadn’t covered a cake in fondant since my Wilton cake decorating classes over 5 years ago. I refreshed my skills with several helpful YouTube videos and to my surprise the cake covering turned out perfect. I purchased sunflower cookie cutters from a website online to make the sunflowers pictured. The tricky part was the swirls that were painted directly on the cake. Of course this was nerve wracking because if you mess up then the whole entire cake is ruined. To make a “paint”, you mix a small amount of vodka with the food coloring of your choice and paint it on with a freshly clean paintbrush.

I was relieved when the cake was finished and she was thrilled with the end results. Guests at the wedding made an effort to tell me how beautiful and perfect the cake was. This was such a great feeling after all the hard work that I had put in. Let me know if you have ever made a wedding cake and your experience or if you have any questions on techniques that I had done in order to make this specific cake.