Adding A Little Sparkle To Your Kitchen

Tonight is girl’s night! Time to let loose with all your closest girlfriends and talk about our husbands while they are not around. My girlfriend is throwing a sparkle party. What girl in their right mind doesn’t love a party where you get to dress up in your favorite sequined garmet and hang out with your girlfriends with spectacular sparkle decorations surrounding you everywhere? If she is out there, I sure don’t want to be her friend. blig post picture

I agreed to bring my best sparkle cupcakes for the event. Now every great baker knows that the best way to sparkle up any baked good is with disco dust. Disco dust seems to be a contradictory in the baking industry. It’s non-toxic glitter that is edible but some argue that it isn’t edible. I personally bought my disco dust from a food distribution company, so my assumption is that it is 100% edible. I first saw it used on a batch of cupcakes that my maid of honor had purchased for my bachelorette party in Portland. They were pink frosted cupcakes of every flavor imaginable with a sprinkle of pink disco dust on top.

I put disco dust on just about anything that allows me to and nobody has died yet. I have some in every color and it has become my favorite baking beautification. Adding a little sparkle never hurt anyone and makes me happy, like my creation is complete, it's the cherry on top of my cupcake. Now if you are a boy I wouldn’t suggest disco dust as part of your baking necessities, but I think every woman needs a little glitter in their kitchen cupboards. Let me know if you have ever used disco dust or are interested in using it as part of your favorite recipes. Shoot me an email if you have any questions or concerns about the product, I’d be happy to help you out. I hope you enjoy using this special product as much as I do.

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