How it all began.

My Mother & Grandmother were the greatest influences that developed my passion for baking. As a kid my mother made sure to make baked goods for every holiday imaginable. In school, she was favored as the best mom. She would bring my classmates treats for any occasion that came to mind. During the holidays the desserts were always the best part of the meal. They would cover the counter tops with pumpkin pie, cookies, brownies, apple cake, pecan pie, and so much more. I can’t remember the last time I had a cake for my birthday that was purchased. My birthday cakes were always special and made with love from my mother. The deliciousness of the baked goods soon became a faint memory however when both my mother was diagnosed with celiac disease, which means she wasn’t able to digest food that contained gluten, and my grandmother became to old to make her way around the kitchen. I will never forget the sight of my mother packing up all of her cookie cutters, pie pans, baking tips, etc and piling them into her car to donate. When she was diagnosed, “gluten free” wasn’t anything anyone knew about. It was a sad thing watching her say goodbye to her passion for baking and the fact I wouldn’t be tasting her baked goods any time soon.

My itch to become a baker began my freshman year of college when I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. As I was deciding, the memories of my mother and grandmothers passion for baking and the true enjoyment it brought them and myself, awakend the desire within me. I started by signing up for the Wilton cake decorating classes provided by Michael’s. I fell in love and completed all 4 courses. When I confronted my parents about pastry school, they weren’t amused. They wanted me to finish my degree at the University prior to pursuing any other endeavors. I didn’t like that answer, because the desire to follow my dreams was pressing. I found a school in San Francisco that offered a free baking and pastry program. It was incredibly difficult to get into this course. At the beginning of every semester I would get up in the early morning hours and drive down to the Bay Area and put my name on their waiting list. It took an entire 2 years of trying and was finally accepted. During spring break while attending pastry school, I found out I was also celiac. Although this was devastating this wasn’t going to stop me from full filling my dreams. I just had to make some adjustments to my career and become a “gluten free” baker.

I want to share my love of baking with all of you. I will be sure to include some of my favorite recipes, helpful tips and techniques, and projects that I am currently working on. If you need any help with certain recipes or if I wasn’t clear on anything please feel free to shoot me an email. I hope that I am able to reach out to a couple of you and really get you excited and involved in your kitchen.

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